Debora Cox

Hello! My name is Debora Cox and I live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with my husband, two children and various furry friends.

My interest in creating with glass began years ago, after receiving a lovely lampwork filigrana glass necklace as a holiday gift. At the time, I was creating jewelry items with beads, crystals and pearls using wire and chain.  The necklace design was so minimal, but that bead!!  I decided right then that I wanted to learn to create glass beads.

I first studied glass beadmaking at Bullseye Glass Studio with Bonnie Celeste and Larry Brickman.  Over many years, I've had the pleasure of studying glass beadmaking with many talented artists, including Kimberly Affleck, Jari Ann Sheese, Martina Romer, Davide Penso and others, and enjoyed the live presentations of Sheila Davis, Janice Peacock, Jenelle Aubade, Patty Lakinsmith, Hayley Tsang Sather, Kathy Johnson, Sabina Boehm, Ellen Harbison, Lara Lutrick, Lisa Hanley, Desta Dickinson, Laura Bowker, Cheryl Matson, Leslie Thiel, Kathy Perras and many other talented artists.  As a member if the International Society of Glass Beads (ISGB), I have attended regional retreats and national conventions and had the privilege to meet so many other glass artists.  I'm also a member of the Portland Bead Society - a great organization that hosts a number of local annual events and a wonderful annual retreat on the Oregon coast.

In 2006, I set up a glass lampwork studio in my home where I get to spend wonderful time creating glass beads! My beads are made using Italian, German and American glass rod. Add in some fine silver or palladium leaf, funky frit blends and a whole line of tools and the fun begins!

I rarely have a plan in mind when I sit down at the torch, I just let whatever colors that call out to me form themselves. It's always a bit like Christmas morning when I open up my cooled kiln and pull out the creations contained within. 

My jewelry is composed of these handmade lampwork beads, sterling silver components, pearls, semi-precious stone and glass accent beads and Swarovski crystal beads. 

I'm having lots of fun mixing colors and styles, making earrings to go with everything under the sun, and sharing these creations with others. 

I find the Inspiration for my beads and jewelry pieces in nature and art, from my love of gardening, and from the work of the many other talented glass artists who share their work and knowledge.

Have a wonderful day!